Thanks to telematics, we are facing a new insurance model that allows a real-time predictive approach of the customer risk.

Telematics and UBI (Usage-based insurance) represent great challenges and opportunities for insurers.

Insurers value propositions :

    • Opportunity For Business Growth
      Companies gain competitive advantage through better segmentation
    • Better pricing
      More accurate vision of the drivers behaviour
    • Reduce loss costs
      Claim handling and fraud prevention
    • Product differentiation
      Competitive advantages
    • Customer retention
      Increase customer engagement and loyalty by rewarding best drivers
    • Improve brand-Social advantages
      UBI promote green initiative. Potential to reduce miles driven and, hence, emissions.

Consumers value propositions :

    • Improve claim handling with more accuracy
    • Access individual driving data
    • Control their pricing
    • Faster emergency response
    • Improve tracking to recover stolen vehicles

As a strategy consulting firm, ITS helps you taking up these new telematics challenges.Our scalable platform will easily integrate your business requirements for implementing UBI and providing your customer value-added connected car services.Example of concept below.