ITS offers state of the art Insurance Apps for smart phones, tablets and other upcoming smart devices like television, foldable screens and cars using the most popular Operating Systems.

Being the first international online insurer, ITS recognized in an early stage as well the opportunities of “mobile internet” and the rapid growth/take-over of the mobile applications because of convenience and new opportunities.Mobile Continuous development takes place under ITS own registered brand name:

Providing a Complete Suite

Intsure launched an exclusive service via mobile. Platform is focused on offering consumers, all available online technologies, whether applied by fixed PCs, notebooks, or mobile phones, etc. to obtain services such as car insurances.Focus on.


  • Awarded the Gold award from l’Argus de l’Assurance.

  • Awarded  the Grand Prix Web Innovation from Tribulis.

  • First to introduce SMS messaging in the claims process.

  • First to develop smartphone insurance services.

  • The whole ITS-Concept

    SHORT LEAD TIMES (speed-to-market)
    FLEXIBILITY (easy-to-change)
    EFFICIENCY (no redundancies)
    LOW COST (aggregator focused)

    Our achievements

    The Intsure Platform can be used across a range of operating systems and devices.The eMobile module can be provided as an integrated part of the Intsure Platform,or can be integrated with any other platform a business already has in place.

    eMobile provides insurers with mobile connectivity across smartphones and tablets so customers can interact with them anytime, anywhere.

    Multiple operating platforms are supported, including Apple/iOS, Android and Windows.
    The Intsure Platform is accessible with any device, from iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini to Android smartphones, Windows Phone devices and Windows tablets.


    The focus currently is on Apple/iOS and Android. With high expectations concerning Windows 8 and Phone 8 this is the 3rd platform supported. If there is a special need to go beyond these 3 platforms this can be done.


    Devices currently supported are:
    – iPhone (3G & up)
    – iPad (1, 2 and new) and Mini iPad
    – Smart Phones with Android 2.3 Gingerbread & up
    – Tablets with Android 3.0 Honeycomb & up
    – Smart Phones and Tablets with Windows and Phone 8 & up

    Some of our clients

    A multidisciplinary international team of highly qualified people is at your disposal.With a strong focus on innovation and the latest opportunities to a head start for our partners.
    Below the list of some of our current clients.
    Apps Examples-Web Responsive design