A high performance platform you can rely on.

Based on Microsoft.Net framework :

  • Modern,Robust, Secure
  • Proven infrastructure, Leverages development
  • 3-Tier Architecture
  • Web based clients
  • Object oriented design
  • Using best practises design patterns
  • Single Data Base
  • Multilingual
  • Real time information access

Key facts

  • Operational since 1998.

  • Used in five countries across Europe.

  • Interfaces with some of the world’s top insurance aggregators.

  • Processed approximately 400,000 policies in less than 30 months.

  • Can support over 100,000 quotes per day.

Due Diligence passed



Functionality and Lines of Business

The Platform includes a number of major components. The main one is eRate, which is
the product configuration component allowing for creation and modifications of insurance products.eRate, the pricing tool of the Platform is the core engine of the rating.
It gives the user a complete, innovative way to handle pricing.

eSales is a webform generator.
eBatch is the component handling all kinds of batch processes. eTransfer is the module
managing exchange of data with external systems. eDoc is used to generate
communications and PDF mails and SMS. ePay provides a view of financial transfers and
premium payment reconciliations. Finally, eCare is a Customer Relationship Management
(CRM) tool.The Platform provides additional end-to end components.
Some only available bundled with their PAS, and others which could be licensed/installed
as standalone components.


Platforms presents a lot of advantages for third party :

  • A short time scale : -6 month
    -> Platform can be implemented within 3-6 months.
  • An easy implementation 
    -> A white labelled Saas or other option can be proposed for an
    implementation in another environment.
  • Modular Technical Architecture
    -> Supported language to develop the platform : C#
  • Modular system
    -> Modules are isolated codebase which provide particular functionality.
  • Functionality
    – >Platform as is seems to be ready for the next coming years according to our philosophy.Changes and adjustments will be an ongoing process
  • Performance/Scalability
    -> There is also a separate MIS tool developed  in .Net which is role-based

Platform handled about 200,000 policies herself and Swiftcover on their clone over a million. Premium calculations/quotes went up to a million per day. Stress testing for due diligence purposes learned that a million customers could be handled easily.

They use our Platform

Taking advantage of our recommended best practices and standard setup, insurers can roll the solution out quickly and then customise it to meet their specific needs Intsure has conducted extensive international research into insurance best practices to create a modular structure for the solution interface.


"By being component and object based the ITS Platform avoids the pitfalls of many older systems which are often engineered around a tightly integrated core system that is difficult to change or add to".
Swiftcover Report